Have you just adopted a puppy? Or perhaps you are looking to bring a puppy into your home?

You have reached the right place!

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I have had a dog before, is puppy training necessary?

All dogs need basic training to learn how to become and established member of our family. We teach them where to go to the toilet, how to greet people and other dogs, how to behave at home and when out and about.

Every puppy is different, and often by the time you bring a new puppy into your home a long time has passed by since you last lived with a puppy. I can help you bond with your new puppy and you learn what motivates them and how to prevent behavioural problems arising in the future.

New research and discoveries are being made every day. This includes how our dogs learn and what they need to live a happy and healthy life. As a dog trainer, I always keep up to date with the latest scientific research and training methods. I attend regular courses, webinars, seminars and training events. Searching online can be a bit of a minefield – each article you read will tell you to train your dog in a different way. It can be incredibly difficult to know which one to trust.

My clients can be assured that I will only ever use scientifically backed methods which focus on using positive reinforcement. I know that it is much more effective to train a dog using rewards than it is using punishment.

With a good understanding of animal behaviour, it is of course possible to do all the training yourself without the help of a trainer; but why not save yourself some time and hire someone to help you? The consequences of getting it wrong, could cost you not only time and money, but also negatively effect the relationship you have with your puppy and how they perceive the world.

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Puppy Package

  • Four 1 hour training sessions
  • Personalised notes from every session
  • We can either follow my training plan or cover anything you are struggling with in particular
  • Puppy starter pack:
    • A copy of Steve Mann’s Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy
    • Puppy diary print out
    • Treats for your puppy
    • Compostable poo bags
  • Unlimited* support alongside our training sessions via WhatsApp
  • Access to the Members Zone on my website! This gives you exclusive access to my how to guides, and an easy to use booking system for your training sessions.

    *Unlimited within reason, until you have completed your training sessions. I may not answer immediately.

You have 10 weeks from booking to use your four training sessions. Training sessions are booked on a week by week basis. Once booked cancellations must be made no more than 48 hours before the training session unless extenuating circumstances.

Pay as you Go Training

  • Each training session lasts up to 1 hour.
  • It is up to you what we cover in each training session e.g. loose lead walking, puppy biting, recall…
  • Personalised notes from every session
  • Booked on an ad-hoc basis. You can book as few or as many as you need.
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Puppy Home Alone Training Classes

Teach your puppy to be relaxed and confident whilst home alone!

Did you know that dogs don’t naturally know how to respond to be home alone?

Being home alone can be scary, especially for puppies, so I have developed a puppy class to help you teach your puppy how to be confident and relaxed home alone!

What is included in the puppy home alone training classes?

  • 4 online classes (once per week)
  • WhatsApp support – I have a WhatsApp group for every class where owners can ask me questions, gain support from one another and trouble shoot any problems they may be having.
  • Video review – if you are unsure if you are doing the training right, or are not sure about your puppy’s response in certain situations I can review up to 2 videos per client per week. Videos must be under 5 minutes in length.
  • If all class partipents consent, I will send every client the video recording of each class so you can go back and look again if you have forgotten something.
  • Notes and homework – each week I will send you a hand out of what we have covered in each class with exercises to complete that week.
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Each block of classes costs £95, or £45 for previous clients.

My last puppy home alone course has already started. If you are interested in hearing about future courses, please fill out my intake questionnaire and I will let you know when the next course is due to start.

To book your place, please fill out my puppy class intake questionnaire. I will then be in touch to confirm your spot and information on payment options.

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