Why is pain important?

We all know what it’s like to have a sore head, perhaps we have injured our arm, or have an upset stomach. It’s not fun. Generally when we are under the weather our patience is shorter than it is usually. We may even struggle to carry out our usual role at work or struggle to complete school work.

It is just the same for our dogs. Except they can’t tell us they are having an off day, or their tummy hurts. Dogs will often try to hide the fact they are in pain as they don’t want to appear weak – this could have really bad consequences in the wild.
If your dog has a sudden change in behaviour – suddenly growling at other dogs or at people then it is always a good idea to get a thorough vet check to ensure they are all fit and healthy.

Coco – Amy Bastow

Sometimes our dogs might just be having an off day – that is totally okay too! Make the task you are asking them to do a little easier and give them a break. They are not being stubborn or ignoring you on purpose, they are just simply not in the right frame of mind to train on that day, or at that time.

A nice short one for today, but always think – why doesn’t my dog want to do something.


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