Why Dog Training (part 2)

In my last blog I wrote about my first experience of de-sensitization. Those of you who read this blog will know that this was with a cat! I know you all came here expecting to hear about dogs, so today I will tell you about my first dog, Matilda (AKA Tilly).

Tilly, her mum and siblings were found abandoned in a box by the receptionist at our vets at the time. The mum was a corgi, but each puppy in the litter looked completely different, Tilly being the fluffiest! The timing couldn’t have been better as my 10th birthday was coming up and little did I know that this year I was going to get a puppy!

I decided to name her Matilda as I was a massive Ronald Dahl fan at that age! Don’t worry, my parents wanted a dog themselves and knew that they would be the ones to take care of her if I lost interest. Unfortunately, for many dogs this is the case, as kids grow older they loose interest when things like school disco’s and shopping trips may sound more appealing.

Luckily, I wasn’t one of them. Now, don’t get me wrong, I went to disco’s and hung out with friends after school, but my favourite activity was always spending time with Tilly! As I got older and was allowed to take Tilly out on my own, I would spend hours walking across the moors with Tilly by my side.

We had many adventures together, including getting stuck in a bog up on Ilkley moor near where I lived! I taught her the usual things like “sit” and “down” but beyond that Tilly was never too keen to do tricks. She did however, know “budge up” and “wait up” (said in a Yorkshire accent). She came back nearly every time I called her, unless there was a bird she thought she might be able to catch!

When I went to college to study for a National Diploma in Animal Management she often joined me when we had “bring your dog to college” days, or if we had grooming practical’s. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to join me at university when I left home to get a BSc in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. Whilst I was away she would sleep on my bed, I was always so excited when my parents would bring her along when they came to visit.

Despite being around the size of a collie, Tilly lived to a great old age of 17! She was an amazing dog and taught me a lot.

Tilly as an “old lady” wearing reindeer antlers for Christmas.

That’s all for now,

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