Start Your Dog Training Journey Today!

I am delighted to announce that my new puppy home alone training classes will be starting on Tuesday 7th February at 6pm!

Please fill out my intake form to book your place!

Regain your freedom! Teach your dog it is safe to be home alone.

Do you feel trapped in your own home? Does your dog freak out every time you leave the house?

Don’t worry you are not alone! I can help you teach your dog that being alone isn’t that scary.

Set your puppy up for success give them the start in life they deserve!

Are you looking to adopt a puppy or have you just brought your puppy home?

Help your puppy grow into a confident and well adjusted dog with the help of my one to one training.

Work with your dog to manage and resolve their behavioural issues!

Does your dog bark at people or other dogs whilst out on a walk? Perhaps they growl if you approach them when they have food or a toy?

Whatever the issue, I can help!

Does your dog love to tug? Do you want to improve their recall?

If so, click the picture on the left to receive 10% discount on your order from Tug-e-nuff!

JR Pet Products sell a wide variety of healthy (ans tasty) dog treats. My personal favourite is their Pure Paté!

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Know you need help, but unsure what package you need?

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